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Should I shave my face?
  1. Don't Miss A Thing!
  2. How shaving affects your hair growth, according to a hair scientist - Business Insider
  3. The biggest myth about shaving hair is probably one you believe — here's why
  4. How to Shave Your Balls…Safely

Pre-shave oils are a great way to ensure the smooth glide of a razor across your face. The oil acts as a lubricant and ensures the blades glide smoothly over your skin, resulting in less irritation and a closer shave. Shave oils soften the hair on your face and add an extra layer of lubrication by creating a thin layer of oil on top of your skin. Using a pre-shave oil like the Smolder from The Blades Grim adds a layer of protection to your skin and moisturizes the skin , preventing razor burn.

Don't Miss A Thing!

Shaving soaps offer a rich and stable lather against the skin. STOP using shaving creams that are packaged in aerosol cans.

  • Using Either a Razor with a Disposable Cartridge or a Disposable Razor.
  • How to Shave With a Straight Razor.
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Apply the pre-shave oil, followed by a coating of shave cream. Allow the cream to set into the hair for two minutes before commencing your shaving routine. Using a pre-shave oil in combination with a shaving cream provides 2 layers of lubrication. The result is a smoother glide for the razor and a closer shave in the first razor pass.

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Don't apply shaving cream with your fingers. Use a brush! A good shaving brush distributes the cream into the hair follicles and makes it much easier to shave. Additionally, a shaving brush acts as an exfoliator which helps remove dead skin cells and is more effective at drawing out the hair on your face than your hands.

How shaving affects your hair growth, according to a hair scientist - Business Insider

Avoid using cheap brushes. They are commonly set with rosin, glue or cement, which are poor adhesive agents. As a result, the bristles fall out easily. Not me. This actually does prevent some of the irritation that comes with shaving against the grain while actually getting rid of some of the hair.

The key, however, to getting the closest shave on your knees is to shave in multiple directions rather than just up and down. Then, straighten your knee and shave in the direction of the hair growth to get any strays you might have missed.

Another way to prevent cuts is just simply by going more slowly. Rather than shaving all the way up the leg in one swipe, shave in short strokes. This also helps you catch every last hair and prevents you from having to go back and do more strokes with causes irritation. Source: aveenous. You can also rinse with some rubbing alcohol to make sure the blades are sterilized.

Then, make sure you dry your razor with a towel, toilet paper or paper towel. In a hurry? Hit it with your blow dryer.

The biggest myth about shaving hair is probably one you believe — here's why

As soon as I get out of the shower on a shave day, my arms, legs and bikini area are immediately covered in a thick cream that will reduce the redness, prevent itchiness and smooth my skin. Moisturizing the skin right after a shave adds the moisture back into the skin that you took away from all the exfoliation. Three Blade Cartridge Razor.

Size: Five Blade Three Blade. The cartridge razor includes multiple protective features to prevent common shaving problems: The blades hinge and move with the contours of the face to prevent cuts and irritation. Also features a gel strip that provides a protective cushion.

How to Shave Your Balls…Safely

Skin-guarded blades stretch and prep skin for a close, smooth shave. The handle is a light-weight, high-grade resin and designed to balance the weight of force across all the blades applied when shaving.

Availability: Only 2 Items In Stock. Use the razor slowly, with short strokes and in the direction of the hair growth to avoid razor bumps and burn. Rinse blade often under warm water. This sign up is for U.