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She is travelling doing surveillance of the Imperial actitivities and taking notes of any potential people to be part of a future rebellion. Again, I like her. Again, she is cool. And again she is not that original as a character since she is basically a Leia with "alien" looks.

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Zaluna Myder She is a Sullustan woman, who works in a private company which gives video surveillance service to the Empire. I like her. She is a great character and definitely original. Skelly He is a human man. Easily one of the most interesting characters in the novel. He is quite crazy and impulsive but definitely the most original character developed in the book.

Captain Rae Sloane She is a human woman, with dark skin. She is the temporary captain of the Star Destroyer Ultimatum. She is an ambitious officer looking for a permanent command. She is smart and cunning. While she is capable to execute orders without questioning the morals behind of them, she is hardly a heartless character. She does her duty, but it doesn't mean that she has to enjoy it. Definitely, she is my favorite character in the book! Count Denetrius Vidian He is a high ranking civilian in the Empire, and currently, the favorite expert in efficiency of the Emperor Palpatine.

He is ruthless and full of secrets. He is a cyborg and he takes a good advantage of it, using his mechanical enhancements to the fullest. I like the character but he is not very original neither, since it's like a Darth Vader without the Force. Even his initials D enetrius V idian are the same as with D arth V ader.

At the end, I think that John Jackson Miller, the author, did a great work in this novel, presenting a story with a scope just like any Star Wars movie. He does a superb job developing the characters, establishing their motivations in an impeccable way. Creating priceless interaction between all the characters.

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And while the two main heroes are hardly any original on their basic conceptions, that's not fault of Miller, since they were created by Lucasfilms for the incoming TV animated series Rebels , and he only was granted permission of introduce them on the book.

View all 42 comments. Having ballooned into this humongous bloated entity after all these years, if anything needed a hard reset it was the Star Wars EU. Besides, I can finally give up the New Jedi Order for good without feeling guilty about stalling halfway through the series since like forever. Time for the very aptly named A New Dawn. It serves as a prequel to the show, taking place roughly six years before the events in the first episode, and two of the lead characters are featured as protagonist in the book as well.

In fact, I find that the two are completely different in tone and vibe. This was a slight downer, given the publication significance of this book and the fact it marks a new beginning, I had hoped for something a little more…well, just MORE.

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But on the bright side, it should make readers of Star Wars fiction feel right at home. You have the very recognizable character types, such as the Jedi-in-exile and hotshot starship pilot. You have a ruthless villain and Imperial tyranny. You have sweeping battles in space and the spark of rebellion.

So on second thought, being the same-old-same-old might not be such a bad thing. I also loved the characters. John Jackson Miller goes into the background of both characters, giving us great insight into their personalities and motivations. Still, I enjoyed it well enough. Sep 11, Shawn Dawson rated it it was ok. I kept falling asleep as I read this book. Yes, when it comes down to it, the plot is a total snooze fest.

It still felt like a story for kids or teens who don't read sophisticated science fiction. The story was convoluted, with events happening conveniently, just so the plot would work, not because it would make sense. You can tell the author tries to address the gender issues that have come up in the Star Wars universe by including female characters in important roles.

However, he does mention regularly how attractive they are. I don't know how much of a plot point it was that the star destroyer captain was hot? It's great to see more women being included for sure though. The female storm troopers seemed out of place in a misogynistic empire as well. There was also an attempt to be more "grown up" with a few shocking deaths, but the plot was in no way sophisticated.

A few bright points were, that it did feel like the Star Wars universe and the tie in with the end of the Jedi regime was interesting. As a Star Wars fan for many years, I was excited for the new beginning of Star Wars literature, but unfortunately I found it a bit of a let down. View 2 comments. Dec 06, Darren rated it really liked it. Having just started watching Star Wars Rebels, and being intrigued by the formation of the SW Story Group earlier this year, I was excited to pick this up read and listened to through Audible.

I have to admit, having JJM's name on the cover helped - I actually didn't find the art on the cover that appealing at all; too "cartoony", despite the fact that I knew it was a tie in to Rebels - as I knew what kind of ride I was in for I loved Kenobi. And what a ride it was!

Star Wars: A New Dawn Review

Worldbuilding, well, what Having just started watching Star Wars Rebels, and being intrigued by the formation of the SW Story Group earlier this year, I was excited to pick this up read and listened to through Audible. Worldbuilding, well, what can I say? It's awesome - and already built! Characterization, once again as was the case with Kenobi , was excellent. I particularly enjoyed the introduction of a new "master villain" during the time of Vader.

INVESTIGATE THE BEAMS! The Prophecy Mission with Joseph Seed - Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay

Setting was all right - nothing to ring any bells about, in my opinion. Mining colony, problems, some interesting capital ships and a twist no spoilers. Pacing was strong. There wasn't many instances where I found myself begging for things to speed up or slow down. And lastly Eight stars out of five! He was outstanding in Scoundrels see my review and continued to deliver in spades with A New Dawn. Always a sure bet for entertainment in my opinion. Welcome new Star Wars "EU", you've certainly got me hooked! Luceno's "Tarkin" awaits! View 1 comment.

Feb 04, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: science-fiction , library. Before Kanan and Hera became perpetually exasperated space-parents to their motley crew of rebels, they were a brawling, drunken ex-padawan and a rebel spy looking for possible recruits to the cause. This is a fun look at how Kanan and Hera met, and it reads a lot like an extended version of Rebels. It bogs down in a few places, but is especially tense and fun at the end.

Aug 04, Cal rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi , star-wars , fiction.

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This book gets a solid 3 stars. Picked up an arc from sdcc and zoomed through it. I was also at the rebels premier screening so this is coming from the perspective of having seen the first episode of rebels before reading this.

Book Review: A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller |

The Good: - It made me care more about Kanan, and he seemed in character with the cartoon. He definitely has the lovable rogue thing going on, more good natured than han solo but similar in ways. He likes the ladies which felt a bit annoying and objectifying at times. Hopefully he will mature out of that. You only got stuff like that when you were in his pov. Random imperials were just as often female as they were male, and there were a number of nonimperial female characters.