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  3. A Chicago museum outs Trump's 'Renoir' painting as fake
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Christina H. The forgery of nobility in literary texts.

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Rights and Permissions. The anxiety of sameness in early modern Spain. Perfect neighbours.

[core] Fix Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities

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A Chicago museum outs Trump's 'Renoir' painting as fake

Transcription Fantastic Price! The NO. On Offer Killing Eve Two women find themselves tangled in a deadly web of obsession. Add to Basket Sign in to add to wishlist. This represents a catch-all category of tools and materials, from special parchment inks to task-dedicated codifiers intended to help the user forge or duplicate official documents, cognomen, passes and permits.

Using this kit in conjunction with the relevant Skill Trade Copyist or Tech-Use grants a bonus to copy, forge or fabricate such items, depending on the quality of the materials involved and the difficulty of the task. The images on each card are rumoured to have been designed by the heretic illuminator, Cassilda, and it is said that if the cards are drawn in a certain pattern, the player will find themselves granted a vision of a far greater game, or perhaps simply go mad.

Intended as fealty-badges, bargaining chips or signal-markers, holo wafers are small ceramic discs, each about as thick as a coin and no wider than a palm. Each is keyed to show a particular small holographic image when triggered. Mantle-Shrine: Common devotional items in the Calixis Sector, these small portable shrines take the form of a triptych wooden or flakboard box that can be closed into a case for carrying.

Traditionally, mantle-shrines feature three hand-painted icons, the central being one of the aspects of the God-Emperor and at his right hand Saint Drusus, and at the left, an image or saint determined by the painter.


The base unfolds to hold candles, an incense burner or a tack for votive papers. Most of these mantle-shrines are crafted in the pilgrim shantytowns of Hive Tarsus and exported by the Ecclesiarchy across the sector. One can find mantle-shrines even in the homes of the very poor on many worlds—indeed families often club together to buy them as wedding gifts.

A device favoured by ranking adepts, sages and Administratum officials, these arcane and intricate-looking eyepieces are designed to magnify objects and help identify and analyse visual patterns and data. They are somewhat temperamental instruments, requiring stillness and concentration to use; their machine-spirits are notoriously easily vexed, much to the pain of the operator.


Consent Form | Popular Science

Other Actions cannot be attempted while using an ocular, and if a failure by four or more degrees is rolled on a Test involving the device, feedback through the eyepiece inflicts 1 level of Fatigue on the user. The eyepiece can also record its impressions to an attached data-slate for later study.

About the size of a pocket chrono, the salvation auger is designed to detect the presence of harmful radiation, airborne toxins and pollutants.

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These devices are common on most hive worlds, particularly for up-hivers venturing into the depths. Augers alert the wearer when danger is encountered, coming in a variety of patterns and makes, varying from ornate hololithic dials to utilitarian lapel-boxes that shriek alarms when triggered.